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The Sunday Reflection

September 1, 2008

Today, our youth pastor, Robert White preached at CBC. What a great job he did with Luke 8 and the story of Jairus daughter. I was so proud of him. He used great hermeneutical and homiletical skill. He had great sensitivity to applying the passage with precision. I see Robert as a preacher. One day, he’ll preach!

Our worship service was just excellent too. Our media team expert, Tim Meekins, provided moving video as we sang. It makes a huge difference to have multi-media and great images in worship. Stunning difference when you use the resources that are right in front of you.

Well, who your church can help you with media? It’s not that hard to do simple things. Youtube, sermonspice, and Godtube make a little media easy and quality. You don’t want to over do it. But if you’re going to reach a 21st century crowd, you will need to use their mediums at times. One of the best things I started doing in my Sunday School Class was to use powerpoint and now (since I’ve gone Mac) Keynote. A little makes a big difference.


Sunday Reflection

August 24, 2008

Today at Cornerstone we had a great time of worship. It was the closest I’ve been to seeing the manifest presence of God expressed in a worship service. What was the difference? 

Lately, our staff has been meeting to strategically plan worship. Our media man is nothing short of phenomenal. We look at the theme of the service and what media impact we should have. It’s made a big difference. We’ve been using video, powerful slides. live testimonies, etc.

The strategic planning has made us focus on God. God then seems to be taking it and making room for Himself to do even more. It was amazing today. What an encouraging service for the Lord. Our attendance looked up too. 

The Big Idea: Strategically plan to honor God with your best efforts and He will exalt Himself in the midst.

The Sunday Reflection

July 21, 2008

What a great day we had a “the Stone.” Pastor Dwight preached on “What do in in the face of slander?” The text was Psalm 7:17. He did a topical exposition that was just top notch in my book. Our Young Adult class was good in attendance and discussion of Acts 14. I am amazed at what the Lord is doing through young adults these days. They will usher in the end times by spreading the gospel to all nations.

The Sunday Reflection

July 13, 2008

My pastor and a large portion of our worship team were gone to Oklahoma today. So we had a crew who were not the usual primary leaders. But , the team did a great job at leading the people of God at Cornerstone in worship.

Today was great for me because we had 31 young adults in our class. Go God! We are seeing community build in our class. We went to Mission Arlington yesterday. Today, we had a young lady who shared about her recent trip to Malaysia. We had a great day! I’m excited about what God is doing.

Let me ask you a question: does time make a difference in American culture when it comes to worship services? What is the time average for the service where you attend worship? What are the benefits of a long or short service? What impact does a long service have on families and volunteering?

I have a sneeky suspicion that time impacts a few things, but first, I’d like you opinion based on your experience.