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Thankful for….

November 25, 2008

The word tells to be thankful. Thankfulness requires more than just saying it. Real thankfulness comes from contemplating God’s faithfulness in your life. 

I’m thankful for….

1. Jesus Christ and the direction he continues to bring to my life EVERY day.

2. My family. We have been blessed with health, resources, and success this year.

3. My church because they are the one and only Cornerstone Family. 

4. My mentors. Without them being there at key times, I would not be as confident.

5. My country. I’m free and able to live free.

6. My life. I have opportunities that most of the world will never have.

7. My friends. Most I don’t see often, but when I do we are still close.


7 Things I Learned this Week

September 20, 2008

1. Life, no matter how I slice it, gets hard

2. Good friends are those who you don’t see for a while, but when you do see them, it’s like it was yesterday

3. Preaching is a skill you must use, or you will not lose it, but will become less proficient at it

4. Street evangelism reveals the depths of lostness in our culture

5. Being a parent is harder than I thought

6. Being a father is more than worth it

7. Trust Christ, not wall street

7 Things I Learned This Week

September 5, 2008

1. “It ain’t over until it’s over.”

Sarah Palin has made the race a choice of gender, as well as race. The choice could come down, for some of us, to what’s more important: philosophy, race, gender?

2. In order to get some things done you must have a strategy to do them.

3. Good leaders read books that relate to reaching younger people, not just baby boomers.

4. The hospital is still a tough place to be in.

5. All of life comes down to making disciples. All else is not as important.

6. A good small group or Sunday School class requires more than teaching.

7. The way you coach your kids impacts their identity.

7 Things I Learned This Week

August 29, 2008

1. I hate being sick

2. Simple Church is the way to go

3. Application is just as important as knowledge

4. My wife is a godly woman

5. I appreciate the “team spirit”

6. There will always be things that are undone

7. Lasting friends will call you when they really need you

7 Things I’ve Learned This Week

August 15, 2008

In the past few weeks I have identified 7 things I learned during each week. It’s just a way to look back and think about what I did and what happened. What would I do better or what did I appreciate?

1. Strategic planning and teamwork are crucial

2. There are a lot of needy people these days and I need to help them all I can

3. It’s nice to have your accountability partner in town

4. Consistent contact with a mentor is encouraging

5. Seeing the small, mundane things I do as a part of God’s big plan keeps me motived in the trenches of life

6. Mac (iPhone and Mac Book Pro) is awesome

7. I would spend more time with my family

What did you learn this week?

7 Things I Learned This Week

August 9, 2008

1. Creativity expressed within a team fuels high morale

2. Church is still about connecting people to the right things

3. I need to move completely to electronic, not paper

4. Collaborative worship and preaching prep is the way to go

5. Doing good things at work, but being a grouch at home doesn’t work

6. You never know what a week might bring

7. Twitter is fun and useful

7 Things I Learned This Week

August 1, 2008

1. Volunteer appreciation banquets work

2. When I get over loaded, I get tired

3. I hate being tired because a part of me is seen that I don’t like

4. I hate gossip

5. I love my coworkers (Thanks FRED!)

6. I can be better when I strive for it (iGO)

7. My family will only be neglected for so long