10 Things I’ve Done in Ruidoso, NM

I’ve been in Ruidoso, New Mexico for 4 months now. This place is incredible. Here’s 10 things I’ve done here in four months that I had not done in the last few years.

1. I’ve seen more deer than at any other time in my life. I live in a nature wonderland.

2. I’ve driven with the windows down in the Jeep more here than in any other place. The weather here is perfect.

3. I’ve taken a day off. Sabbath is easier here.

4. I’ve seen more mountains. The grandeur of God is a wondrous blessing.

5. I’ve preached more. I have my 2010 preaching calendar done.

6. I got to lead FBC in designing and implementing a simple church discipleship process.

7. I’ve started learning how to shoot a bow. I’m going to bag a deer at some point.

8. I’ve eaten lunch at school with my daughter more. I eat with her at least once every two weeks.

9. I’ve watched more Monday Night Football with church members šŸ™‚

10. I’ve drank more Starbucks coffee with my sweet Jeana. Time together is a good things.

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