Discussing Doctrine

I am convinced that most Christians don’ discuss doctrine and scripture enough. I have a principle I try to remember as I make disciples through teaching and preaching–“If they are not talking about it, how do I know they are getting it.” Discussion is crucial to spiritual growth. The Bereans knew to do it in Acts. They took what they heard home and “checked it out.” Last night in Wednesday Bible Study we had a great discussion on the doctrine of salvation from 1 John 4. It was AWESOME to say the least. We discussed how a person is saved and if a person is saved from many angles. We discussed election and choice from a theocentric view and an anthropocentric view. Last night we “wrestled” with scripture and doctrine. We talked about cults and heresy in the church and parachurch community. What’s my point? Discussing scripture and doctrine is key to spiritual growth. We need to be able to defend our faith. So, get involved in discussions about life and doctrine. Share and defend your faith. Get in a group that builds your faith and “grow.” “Our doctrine of salvation will drive our practice of evangelism.”

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