#sbc2009 Review and Two Post Convention Suggestions

I’ve attended only 5 SBC events. This was clearly the best one of the five. While there were some really strange motions on Mark Driscoll, and even Danny Akin and Ed Stetzer, the convention was excellent for the following reasons:

1. There were a lot of younger leaders leading and present.

2. The resolution to celebrate the election of President Barack Obama as the first African-American President. From a denomination whose beginning was born out of slavery, this was huge.

3. The Great Commission Resurgence Task Force is in place. The resolution passed and the air of expectation couldn’t have been thicker. I’m excited to be a Southern Baptist. We are a missions driven denomination. When we leave the religious scene, it will be over. Not really, but a lot will be gone.

Problems I had with the #sbc2009 are few but let me point out two that will have to be addressed:

The Race Factor

The GCR Task Force may have been elected too fast. I may be wrong, but there’s not an African-American on the team. Why and how we made that mistake, I don’t have to know. It was probably an oversight. But to not have one on the Task Force is a mistake. African-Americans are one of the fastest growing groups in the SBC. They are the legacy of slaves. We made a commitment to repent in 1995. And I was proud of our convention when she passed the Obama resolution. The resolution was balanced with celebration and affirmation for the President as a man. And it was balanced with a list of what the SBC disagrees with him on. The SBC needs African-Americans. And it’s time to put them up front and to not leave them out. The GCR Task Force is a HUGE move for us.

How can we leave off Black pastors or leaders in our present culture?

I’m sure an African-American will be added to the GCR Task Force. I’ve Twittered Dr. Hunt and Dr. Floyd about the matter. I’m recommending Dr. Hunt switch someone on the Task Force with either, Pastor Fred Luter, Pastor Eric Redmond, or Pastor Dwight McKissic. It’s time to stop pointing fingers in our culture (which is what we’ve been doing for years)  and move to answers. So don’t hear my griping. Hear me giving answers that will help the SBC experience a Great Commission Resurgence. Can you imagine what would happen if many National Baptist Churches joined the SBC?

Second, The Young Leaders Factor

Unless I missed it, there’s not a young leader on the GCR Task Force. I recommend Dr. David Platt be on the team. He obviously made an impact on the convention. Or, I would also suggest Pastor Sam Rainer be on the team. Or another leader. It’s all good. But to not have a young leader on this Task Force will not be as good as if one were on the task force. Our younger leaders are ready to take charge. Let’s give them a shot at it.

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One Comment on “#sbc2009 Review and Two Post Convention Suggestions”

  1. Todd Says:

    Hello Alan,

    J.D. Greear would be the young leader on the GCR Task Force.


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