Rockbridge Seminary: Grow Where You Are Planted

The face of seminary training has changed. I got connected with an online seminary a few years ago when a friend of mine started This is a fully online seminary where students can get quality, relevant equipping that’s affordable and contextual. You don’t have to leave where you serve to get in the educational programs and process. RockbridgeI took the professor orientation and was stunned at the biblical community that was created in our class. I’ve become a social media lover, but the prof class really helped me understand how online learning can actually surpass traditional forms of learning in many ways. 

I’m now leading a course at Rockbridge called, Preaching and Teaching for Life Change.”  We are in week 2 and I’m already excited about what the students are going to learn about communicating the word of God so people will be transformed into the likeness of Jesus. If you’re looking to “grow where you’re planted,” then you need to take a look at Rockbridge. They are doing what other seminaries are not doing. The learning environment is streamlined for student learning success, not jumping through hoops with too many assignments that make little difference in the “church of the now.” Now don’t get me wrong. Rockbridge doesn’t give away degrees. This is not online , mail order my degree option. Students are required to do top level work just like any other quality seminary. Rockbridge2

Are you interested in growing? Looking for an alternative to traditional formats for learning? Redeem your time by considering Rockbridge. You won’t be disappointed. And you will be a better disciple and disciple-maker when it’s all said and done.

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