The Pillar Post

Last night our young adult team at the Stone hosted its 3rd Pillar experience. The Pillar is a gathering of young adults for coffee, relevant conversation, biblical community, and missional activity. We had 45 attenders in March. April had 50+. Last night, May 1, we had 65. It was off the chain to say the least. The central actions of the night are found in the participants who share poetry or song. It’s amazing how creative and expressive young adults are. They are also “edgy.” You wonder about giving an open mic to someone who is not necessarily a church goer and might say anything (which we don’t let happen). Here are a few things I’ve learned from the experience of reaching young adults in the last few months:

1. YAs don’t do church like traditional church types. They need alternative events that look like a coffee shop or hang out.

2. Fellowship, coupled with scripture, works with them. Relationships are crucial.

3. YAs will do ministry, especially when the ministry is born out of their own discipleship and dreams. 

4. Alternative events will up attendance in small groups and Bible study opportunities. 

5. YAs love momentum. When it works, they love it. 

6. Church in the future may not look like it does in the traditional mindset. 

7. Connecting with YAs for discipleship keeps leaders fresh, cutting edge, and always with a future to pursue. 

8. The use of media is crucial. Tweeting the event, or using is important. It ups the interaction and integration of ideas. 

9. Some events are risky, but I would rather risk and fail rather than not risk and regret not trying. 

10. Developing missional leaders is crucial to the kingdom movement in the next 30 years as they reproduce themselves.

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