10 Dumb Things Small Christians Believe

I was honored to be asked to read and review Dr. Larry Osborne’s new book “10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe.” I’ve become 10-dumb-thingsa big fan  and distance disciple of Larry in the past two years as a result of my doctoral experience with sermon based small groups. I got to fly out to North Coast Church and attend the “Sticky Church” conference in October 2008. Here’s the bottom line: Larry Osborne is way ahead of us because he masters the basics of church life and does it with creativity and excellence.

Osborne’s book, “10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe” is a different book. Larry writes from the perspective of where a person thinks, but may not speak. He addresses 10 things Christians would like to talk about, but these things are never brought up. I have two personal favorite chapters in the book: Chapter 2, Forgiving Means Forgetting, and Chapter 6, Everything Happens for a Reason. The chapter on forgiveness is liberating for a person who is struggling with guilt, which many people are. Osborne “busts out” the notion that a person has to forget to really forgive. He fleshes out what it looks like and that even God himself does not really forget our sins. And the chapter about why things happen in our lives is worth the book just for Larry’s contemporary exposition of Romans 8:28 and how it’s become a part of the hall of fame of misquoted Bible verses. Osborne shows how God may be at work in all things, but is not the cause of all things that go bad in our lives. 

I would not read this book fast or in one or a few sittings. I took time to read the chapters separately because each chapter requires some “think time” by the reader. I’m thinking of using this book with my small group as curriculum (the book has discussion questions in the back). It’s that good. And the topics are ones that Christians need to wrestle with and address practically. This book actually helps Christians build their own little theological library or body of doctrine on some important life doctrines. 

“10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe” is not just good because it has a catchy title. The book’s content forces us to address issues, subtle issues, we want to address, but are not confident in addressing. Reading this book will give you confidence to biblically say something when you normally would not. One final comment would be that Osborne’s writing style is one that makes me feel like I’m alright if I’m just an ordinary Christian doing life. You don’t have to be a Bible College grad to read Larry’s book.

I endorse this book just like I did “Sticky Church.” You can get it here. Get it! You won’t be disappointed.

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One Comment on “10 Dumb Things Small Christians Believe”

  1. Alan:

    Guess I’m going to have to get this one. Your highlighted points are written all over my favorite soapbox.

    Funny thing is, the Bible never even SAYS God will forget our sins. It says He won’t remember them .. call them to mind. That’s encouraging in the extreme, as we cannot forget but we CAN forgive and remember as forgiven.

    The point about Romans 8:28 being mis-quoted is dead on, too.

    (In this layman’s opinion, at least).

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