Playing It Safe

safeI’ve been doing some reflecting lately on the goodness of God and the focus of my life. Of course that also involves a reflection on the ministry too. I’ve noticed somethings about myself and the ministry: 1) I have a desire to see disciples made in a way Jesus would recognize, and 2) I don’t want to place it safe in the ministry. 

I’ve noticed most churches in the west play it safe. Church for most people is about being connected only lightly as a member and attending alone. The messages I see from many churches from their websites reveal their priorities. Much of the focus is internal and safe. Many churches focus on things that just don’t matter or should matter at the expense of the Great Commission. 

Here’s a list of where I see most churches missing the future:

1. Disciple making is stuck on program in a culture that grows best by process and in community. 

2. Churches’ websites need to be seriously upgraded. The look bad, have the wrong content in them, and are not focused on vistors but insiders. I’ve seen churches of 200 have better web than churches of 2000. 

3. Churches are playing it safe with media. For a church to not have a Facebook page and a Twitter site, well, that’s ignoring the future. 

4. Traditionally structured churches know they need to change the form of their ministry design, but refuse to because “this is how we have always done it.” 

5. Churches offer too many things at the expense of the most important thing: making disciples. Events come before getting a majority people in groups. People are inspired by events, but disciples are made by getting in groups. 

Where do you see churches playing it safe? I could list more. But where should we be taking risks and are not?

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