Live Praying

I love it when someone at a conference I can’t go to “live blogs” the event or even better, “Twitters” the event. Live blogging is popular for those in the 21st century who use media to get information. Live blogging allows a live event to be made available to those who can’t “be there” live.

What about “live praying?” Live prayer is praying to the Father on the spot for this that happen before your very eyes.”  We live in a religious culture that likes to try to measure prayer. The measurement for that is in the eyes of the one measuring. It’s often not the “only right” measurement. How about this statement on prayer: 

“Biblical vision of prayer . .. not ‘How much did I pray today?’ but ‘Did I ever stop praying today?'” Bob Gelinas, Finding the Groove, 153. 

Love that quote!

What are the benefits of live praying or “praying without ceasing?” (1 Thess 5:17)

1. Constant communication deepens relationship

2. Praying on the spot ensures you are praying

3. Live praying generally is focused on others, not you.

4. You will look for prayer requests more often.

5. You will meet more needs because you look for them and then do them.


1. Praying for your server at a restaurant.

2. When someone asks you to pray for something, always pray then, not later.

3. When you think of it, pray for it.

4. Pray for those about you without them knowing it and look for answered prayers. 

5. Pray for your pastor as he preaches. 

6. Ask of every situation, “Lord, what do you want me to do here?”

What do you think? Are you praying consistently?

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