Things That Make Us Pray

prayer-2What are things that make us pray?

Pray is hard work, but it does seem we are more prone to do it at certain times. When are those times? One of the hardest things to do in the Christian walk is to develop and maintain a vibrant prayer life. Some of the things that make us pray are funny and ironic. I’m going to post on prayer in the next few days and will interested in hearing from you about how we do prayer in the church. 

1. When your wife is driving.

“God help me, my wife is driving.”

2. When your bank account is low.

“Dear God, please let them be slow in cashing that check.” 

3. Turbulence on a plane.

“Dear God, I’ll do anything if you allow this plane to land.”

4. Tests of any kind, especially school. 

“God I know I didn’t study, but please….”

5. Possible layoff.

“Dear God, I know everyone needs a job, but don’t let ME get laid off.” 

6. Your “need gas” light comes on.

“Please God, let us coast to the next gas station.”

7. Teenager driving.

“Lord, I don’t know how to pray…”

8. Long lines of any kind. 

“Lord, please help this line to move faster.” (and forgive my attitude)

9. Teenager driving. 

Forget prayer, get out of the car.

10. Co-workers.

“Lord, I’m going to hurt this person if you don’t change them.” (Just kidding)

11. Aggravating family. 

“Lord, give me the ability to not say what I want to say.” 

12. Bill collectors or paying the bills. 

“Lord, I ask you to stretch this money.” 

What are some things that you can think of that make us pray?

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One Comment on “Things That Make Us Pray”

  1. Patti Says:

    AH! My favorite subject. Your list of things that make us pray is so true, but also really sad because none of those reasons accomplish the goal of prayer, which is to know God intimately. But, yes, it is “felt” needs that most often move us to prayer. (See Hos. 5:15) Then we’re left with wondering why it often seems like our prayers never make it past the ceiling and why many if we’re going to be honest would have to admit have never heard His voice. We read verses like John 15:5-7, and hear that we can ask whatever we want, while skipping the key, remaining in Him. If/when we ever do remain in Him, or rephrased, spent real time seeking to know His heart, it would radically change our prayer lives. Remember the goal: Phil 3:7-14

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