Pastor Shot Dead In Pulpit?

The days are truly evil. After worship today I checked Twitter and found that a pastor had been shot dead in his pulpit. At first I thought it was a joke. But as I checked it out I quickly realized the story was true. Fred Winters, Senior Pastor, had been shot. The story is here. More details will surely be found out this week as to how a man walks up to the pulpit and shoots a pastor dead.

We need to pray for the Winters Family and the First Baptist Church Maryville, ILL, family. They watched their husband, father, and pastor die at their place of worship. I’m going to pray for them all week. Join me! 

One thing I’ve learned in the African-American church culture is the role of Armor Bearers. Armor Bearers are men who serve to keep an eye on the crowd. They are the pastors “body guards.” They usually stand at a distance, but close enough to react. No one should get close to a pastor. No one should just “walk up” to a pastor while he is preaching and not be confronted before hand. If your church does not have Armor Bearers, please get your elders or deacons to start this needed ministry. Besides protection Armor Bearers also,

1. Ensure the pastor has water

2. Ensure the pastor has a ride when needed

3. Ensure the pastor is never alone at the church

4. Travel with the pastor to other church related events

5. Ensure the pastor has a light snack between services

There’s more to it. Most of these things can seem unimportant and in some contexts they are. But today is a reminder of the precious commodity a pastor is to his family and church.

I’m sad today for the Winter’s family. Remember to pray. And protect your pastor. The days are evil.

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