Where Transformation Happens…Most

Tonight our young adult small group met. I’m amazed at the life change I see in these young leaders. They are the future. They are cutting edge. They want authenticity. We have been meeting for 90+ days now. The group was born out of a young adult sunday school class. We got tired of not knowing people. So we started what grandma would call a “care group,” named it a small group and began to meet weekly. This difference it has made in new believers and everyones lives is tremendous. The growth is amazing. 

I am a believer in small groups. If you’re not keeping up with this site, you need to go look at it. This week’s discussion is on small groups. 

Where does transformation BEST happen? 

I would challenge any answer. It’s not that transformation can’t or doesn’t happen in other ways, but the small group is the BEST place for transformation to take place. It’s just a fact. And the small group is the best place to see Acts 2:42-47 really happen with EVERYONE or MOST of your church. 

Where do you think transformation BEST happens?

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One Comment on “Where Transformation Happens…Most”

  1. Patti McTee Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. The small group environment is the best place I’ve seen for people to let their guards down, be transparent, become Kingdom friends, and experience real transformation. I love my small group and love that when I’m hurting it’s a place I can share that struggle. And love the accountability we offer one another.

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