How Social and Multi Media Helps Me As a Pastor

1. MySpace helps me see into the lives of teenagers. Many of them cannot believe I have a MySpace page.

2. Facebook helps me with young adult connections. I use an iConnect card in class. Then I use that to make friends on Facebook. I’m able to send an immediate “glad you came, come back” note. Creating groups helps too.

3. Text messaging has been a great way to communicate on the spot. I’ve been leading a small group now for 10 weeks. The group was born out of my young adult SS class. The small group sends text messages to each other throughout the day. They send book quotes and scriptures encouraging each other. It’s amazing.

4. Twitter connects me with other leaders I would normally not have access to. Twitter can be set up to change my Facebook status. My Facebook page stays functional all day. It’s interactive. Twitter also connects me to information I would normally not get. Articles and blogs cross Twitter a lot. You could get many in your church to follow you on Twitter and communicate with them through out the day.

5. Mass email in Google is still trustworthy. I use it weekly to communicate to my class. They like getting the reminder for class and encouragement through the week.

iPhone is simply great for doing all these social media things. It’s amazing how many people can be touched anywhere, anytime.

If you’re a pastor, get with the program Let media work for you.

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