7 Things That Can Move Your Sunday School Class Into the 21st Century

1. Change your Teaching Style

If you still teach from the denominational material, you’re not being creative enough. If you still lecture most of the time, you’re teaching style matches older generations, not younger. If you don’t use an image, object lesson, or multi-media visual, you are not keeping up with how all of us communicate. People, today, have flat screens in their living rooms. We us laptops. If you just lecture, you need to change your teaching style. It will change the reaction and interaction of your class. Use questions to get participants to engage biblical ideas.

2. Start Small Groups

People today need and crave relationships. The previous generation did not do relationships the same way. Today, if your class does not know one another after 6 months or a year, then something is wrong. In the past generation, care groups worked. Today, care groups are not the best way to care for people. Care groups are passive. They are concerned with maintenance. 

Small groups is what classes need. Take your care groups to another level. If you can start small groups that meet periodically for food, fellowship, and faith building, you will deepen your Sunday School. Take 6 weeks and challenge your classes to meet once a week at night off-campus. The goal is not to impart more content, but build relationships. Everything will change for the better when your people get to know people they should know, but don’t know. 

3. Use Name Tags

Use of name tags says more about what you expect than it does for what is accomplishes. Name tags help people know names, but it does more in modeling expectation in the class. When you use name tags you say, “we have too many people and they can’t possibly know everyone.” Growth is expected and is modeled to participants. It may seem small, but it is pre-relationship building. 

4. Social Events

Don’t use social events as the only way to do fellowship. If your class fellowships are over 15 people, they are not deep. They are superficial. Superficial fellowship is needed. It helps those who are not ready for small group “koinonia” fellowship. What I recommend is having a large, social event quarterly. Bowling, movies, BBQ, whatever it takes; social events are good for pre-fellowship connections. 

5. Move Locations

One of the best things that happened to my young adult class is we got booted  from our room so another class could have our room. We moved to Starbucks and guess what? Our class grew! We now are in a larger room in out fellowship hall. You should not stay in your room forever. If you do, you will stagnate.

6. Change the Room

Simple, from time to time move your room around. It may be rough at first because some will complain if they are stuck in a rut. Once you get it going, it will work for you. Use tables, then just chairs in a circle. You’ll be surprised how your class will come alive. 

7. Team Teach

Share the teaching duties and enlist discussion leaders for small horse shoe groups. Team teaching keeps the class fresh. Mix it up. Don’t let it be predictable. Develop an apprentice. Different teaching styles and personalities keeps the class fresh. Team Teaching will help you keep leaders.

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