21 Years of Marriage Today

I want to thank my wife, Jeana, for 21 great years of marriage. When I met Jeana I was in the Army. We met in Germany. Our first date was on the “Rhein a Flame” boat cruise. I drank alcohol a lot, did a little weed, and was sexually immoral. But God was moving. I was not a transformed creature yet, but Jeana hung in there with me. And I am thankful. Jeana has stuck with me through thick and thin. Eleven years in the Army, especially in combat arms units, can do a marriage in. Yet Jeana was right there with me even through the 101st Airborne assignment. Then she went with me to seminary. Six years + and now through a DMIN at GCTS. Four churches have been on our path too. All wasn’t easy, but it is “all good.” 

I love this woman for life.img_0856 She is a precious person who nows how to live life. She is also an excellent Christian who nows how to reproduce herself in others. She’s able to make disciples.

She is a great mom. She knows how to raise a daughter to be a godly young woman and servant of God.

She is a great lover. (No explanation)

She is a great house keeper. Knows how to make things cosy. 

She is the wife “extraordinaire.” And I’m thankful God used her to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ into my life.

Thanks for 21 years Jeana!

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2 Comments on “21 Years of Marriage Today”

  1. Janetta Says:

    Amen brother! She is a blessing from God. Congrats to y’all. We’ve got you beat by 2 years. I love you both.

  2. Patti McTee Says:

    Awe…I’m so happy for you both.

    I never see you anymore but my love for you both is still as strong as ever. Please give Briana a big hug for me….and stay happy!

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