What I Love Most About Being a Pastor?

In 1992 I was called to ministry. I didn’t choose it as a profession. God spoke and I moved. I left a career, went to question-mark-2seminary, and have served in 4 churches as a pastor or associate pastor. I love being a pastor. Why?

I love being a pastor because…..

1. I know I’m doing what God has called me to do.

2. I get to help others come to Christ and disciple them.

3. I get to help people at times in life when no one else can (Death, Marriage, Trials, Benevolence).

4. I get to rub shoulders with great Christian leaders.

5. I get to keep my family grounded in the church (I’m there often).

6. I get to study the word of God for a living.

7. I get to take care of God’s house and campus.

8. I get to be a part, as a leader, of the greatest movement in history (The Great Commission). 

9. I get to develop other Christians leaders formally and informally. 

10. I get to see peoples’ lives change.

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One Comment on “What I Love Most About Being a Pastor?”

  1. Patti McTee Says:

    I’m so glad you love what you do. As one God has called to serve pastors in prayer I’m also interested in knowing what things you might include on a list titled “What I struggle with most about being a Pastor”

    If not posted, please reply to patti.mctee@gmail.com

    Thanks Pastor!

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