Why I’m Stoked About 2009

There are many reasons to be excited about 2009. In my previous post I outlined 10 things I plan to do in 2009. Here are a few reasons why I’m stoked about 2009. This is a shortened list because any good list is visionary and has been revised. Here’s the revision.

I’m stoked about 2009 because:

1. I am going to finish my doctoral project and prayerfully receive the Doctor of Ministry degree. I didn’t go to Gordon Conwell for a degree. I went to study preaching with one of the greatest homiletical minds of the past few decades, Dr. Haddon Robinson. I’ve become a better preacher and communicator because I studied and was mentored by Haddon Robinson during 3 doctoral residences. I’ve never been an educated person. I went to seminary only because I didn’t grow up in the church. My formal education will end this year (unless I do a PHD in Leadership at Dallas Baptist University, which does interest me, but I doubt it). 

2. I am going to accomplish more in 2009 because of my mistakes in 2008.  

  • Work out more and eat better
  • Watch my finances closer and spend less
  • Spend less time in large group fellowships and spend more time investing in a few

3. 2009 will be a great year for race relations. If race relations and multicultural ministry is a possibility in the church, the time to experience it is now. With President Obama getting in, a real impact on race may be the only thing he can accomplish that would be something he could do that a politician has not tried yet.

4. I believe God’s going to bless the church who does His will (Matt. 2819-20) and out nation may experience revival. I believe God has stayed His judgement on our nation because He still wants to use the church. I do believe God will use the western church to reach the nations. Our economic situation will get better as we turn from greed. I believe a spirit of generosity will break out in the church as a witness to the world. 


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