How Can I Pray for You?

Most of you know I believe the scriptures teach we should prioritize relationships. That’s what God did. The very nature of the lonlinessincarnation shows that God left heaven and pursued relationship with you (John 1:14). God pursues relationship with us as lost people. Then if we receive Him (John 1:12) He continues the relationship. Relationships were important to Jesus as He discipled the 12 (Mark 3:13-15). He called them that “they might be with Him.” Jesus was His own curriculum. For 3 years He was living curriculum. For Jesus, mentoring people to cross the line of faith, grow, and becoming self feeding enough to birth new disciples was the goal of the process.prayer

The other night our small group started out of our Sunday School class met to begin working through Purpose Driven Life. We ended our time together by going around the circle and each person responding to the question, “How can I pray for you?” When we ask that question of a few, and mean it, it’s transforming in their lives. Why? Because everyone wants to have their story told and heard. People by nature are relational. The other night as I watched everyone go around the circle, I saw not requests, but stories. Live stories not from the news or books, but lives. I realized a crucial truth all Sunday School or Small Group leaders should remember: 

There’s power in the question, “How can I pray for you?”

As you all look toward a fresh start in 2009, get close enough to see the action in peoples’ lives. Go to your Sunday School class and start a small group out of it. Disciple 12 this year. You never know what your efforts may do:

1. You might keep someone from smoking weed

2. You might keep a couple from separating

3. You might help someone from making a mistake before they make it

4. You might help someone from being lonely and falling out of the church to pursue relationship somewhere else

5. You might provide a family atmosphere for some whose families are broken or non-relational

6. You might provide pastoral care for everyone in your group (and class through many groups)

7. You might be able to help some understand and apply the scriptures from the sermon or Bible lesson

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