Christmas Reflections

I had a great day today and have enjoyed the Christmas buildup this year. 

Today, I had 10 of my young adult small group members serve the poor. We went to an event that feeds them and gives them gifts. I was so pleased to see them show up and serve. Started a great tone for the day.

Then, I went to Cornerstone Baptist Church for worship while the small group continued to serve. We probably had 500 or so at that service. We have a good turn out for this service every year. It was great today.

I then came home and we had a fellowship with a couple of friends from church. 

I was really impressed with Rick Warren’s Christmas special on Fox News. I’m convinced Rick is the next Billy Graham. He shared the gospel in a simple yet relent way. It was excellent. I have my reservations about Foxnews, but they are the only thing out there beside the less conservative stations.

The main reason for the season is the incarnation of Christ and how others need him. The main message for life is the same.

How was your Christmas?

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