Reaping the Fruits of a Culture of Greed

poor-in-americaIn the scripture, especially the Old Testament, taking care of the poor, widows, or less fortunate, it’s a big thing (Amos 8:4). God’s people were judged because they failed to take care of the poor (Read Amos) all of it. 

American culture continues to dive into a pool of despicable greed. We have the resources in this country to take care of the poor. Of course we would have to define what poor means and what it means to help them. But hey, no matter how we define it, we can still help the poor. And we should help the poor. I personally am tired of hearing the politicians talk about who is better at helping the poor. We must all know from our  culture, liberals help the poor and conservatives don’t (just being funny). The bottom line is the poor were still with us after each administration since 1776.

Our country is filled with greed. Many are saying a culture of greed was a contributing weakness of the Bush (W) Administration. Well, I’m not denying that. I’m also not denying it in every administration, including Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and hey let me make a guess. The Obama administration will not rid our nation of the poor. I just have a feeling  about it.

What am I saying? I’m saying we are reaping the fruits of a culture of greed. We are a nation built on credit. We are complaining about 6-7% unemployment, when other countries would love to have 10% (countries like Honduras where the unemployment rate is 70%; In Zimbabwe it’s 80%). Now I’m not saying I want anyone to lose a job. It’s terrible. I empathize with losing a job. People need our help. I personally have a couple of single parent mothers whom I try to give support to. They don’t have to have it, but they appreciate it. We need to help people around us. But we need to be careful not to be greedy.

We have the resources to help the poor. Why don’t we help them? We are greedy.

Today 2 people died on Black Friday at a Toys R Us.  

Today, a Walmart worker unlocking the doors at 5am for Black Friday was trampled to death.

Sick . Just sickening. We make a huge thing out of the Thanksgiving Day sales. If those sales don’t go well, the economy is in trouble. That’s just sick. I’m not wishing a bad economy on us. I know our culture and economy needs retail. But we are reaping the fruits of a culture of greed. 

It’s funny how a year ago everyone was happy making a lot of money off of the stock market. It’s funny now how the market has turned against them (and me) and how now we are in the worst of times. Now I now we are in a recession. Don’t get me wrong. Bad is bad especially when it’s you on the bad side of the economic deal. But in general our culture is a culture of greed. In the past 8 years, our economy was good for 6 of those years. Home ownership expanded, taxes were low, and the stock market was generally good. greedYet 2 years of sluggish growth is a fact. We’ve had 2 wars to fund and 2-3 massive hurricanes on the Gulf Coast and in Florida. I was in New Orleans last week. The city is still a mess. People still need help and we can help them. But, the reality is we are a greedy culture. We are caught in a cross fire. Taking care of myself or taking care of the poor. We should do both. We are in a cross fire though. Many who loved the housing boom for the last 6-7 years now are hating it. Why? They got into homes they could not afford. And now the big word is     bailout. Companies shouldn’t always be bailed out. And the politicians who let the mess happen under their direct oversight should be censured and relieved of duty. Some of these leaders are supposedly “crusaders for the poor.” But they didn’t help the poor by allowing loans that were too easy to get up front. They hurt the poor by giving some people hope that was shaky. 

I want to challenge you to do something. Help the poor in 2009. I don’t have a definition for the poor. I don’t know if I know any genuinely poor people. Compared to other nations I’ve been to, probably not. BUT, I do have people in my circle that I can help in tough economic times. I can do easy things like give small amounts of cash or food. I can feed people at my house. I can do labor for them. 

Our economy stinks. If our economy is good, we are able to help the world. And I believe God has blessed America for that reason. But if we don’t help our own, and others, we are disobedient to God. God judges nations who abuse the poor and widows. Israel went into exile in part for that very reason. I’m concerned if our nation does not take care of the poor, we are in trouble. In the church, well, we can have an impact regardless of what the nation does. God judges the church for her actions. God judges the nation for hers. Those actions are not necessarily the same. 

Make a commitment now to not spend a lot on yourself and your family. Spend December blessing people with resources that can help them. Not junk, but gas, food, and clothes.

Our nation has for over 30 years been ripped off by Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler. Now they want a bailout. Why? Because they made big money on cars that are now not wanted and expanded too big. I don’t want anyone to lose a job. But we are living in a culture of greed. And we are reaping the fruits of a culture of greed.

in 2009, let’s make a change in what we do. Get out of debt and help the poor or needy in our circles. God is watching. And that makes me uneasy. I plan to do more than I’m doing. For the Kingdom’s sake.

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One Comment on “Reaping the Fruits of a Culture of Greed”

  1. movetheearth Says:

    Your view on our greedy culture and our moral responsibility to help the poor is 100% right. No matter what administration is in office, the hand of the poor is never strengthen. Because for every tax dollar they do take out from some, after it gets to Washington DC, only dimes and nickels are left to make it to the organizations that can make a real impact on the daily life of those living less than others (cultural poverty). That is why it is our personal responsibility to give others as we help the helpless and encourage the weary to overcome. I also refuse to buy “wants” for me this season.

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