Book Recommend: Sticky Church

I just finished reading Pastor Larry Osborne’s Sticky Church. The book is a must read for anyone wanting to do small groups well. Really, if you want to do a simple church type of model,sticky-church you should consider sermon-based small groups as a way to make disciples and close the back door of the church. Here are a few bullet thoughts reflecting on the book:

1. Small groups should be as much about relationships as about content; if not more about relationships. People don’t need a lot of content. They need friends. 

2. The message on Sunday morning should be the topic of the small group. Most Christians can’t remember the message from Sunday to Sunday. What if they discussed it in small groups? What if they worked on application, prayer, and how to do what the message asked them to do.

3. Larry Osborne is way outside the box. He seems to avoid tradition in favor of simple disciple making. 

4. Long term relationships in sermon based small groups take care of maturity issues. 

5. The chapter on “Cho’s Model” is worth the book. 

6. The “one anothers” in the appendix need to be preached in a series. Love those things. 

7. I love the California model of ministry. Many churches have been impacted by North Coast Church.

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