Sunday School Victory

We went missional and transitional today the young adult Sunday School Class. Knowing 70% of young adults fall out of the church, we had to make a shift. What we did was bring in the 12th graders into the young adult class. The class was discussion driven and interactive. We are going to do another series sunday-schoolwith them in December called “You Tube: How to Broadcast Your Life.” Our youth pastor is coming in to lead the discussion. We will use Key Note on Mac, have good music, and will do a giveaway at each gathering. 

Want victory with your young adults? Want to create momentum with your 12th Graders? Want to help your 12th graders make a transition? Want to help your young adults make disciples? 

Make your 12th Graders a part of your young adult class experience 3-4 times a year before they graduate. 

70% of young adults fall out of the church. We need to do all we can to create a sticky environment. We are not using big events or slick marketing. We are being intentional in trying to be a cutting edge class. We have also created a small group from within our class. The group is small, no more than 14. We create a front door for unchurched young adults and churched 12 graders. We close the back door by creating gluea small group (a Life Group) for those who want to go to a new level relationally. Today, the Life Group participants were a lot more dialed in to the SS Class. We remembered names and connected at a deeper level.  

We got a win today. Is our mission to make disciples? Let’s do it. Get your church involved in making disciples through vibrant relationship.

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One Comment on “Sunday School Victory”

  1. Alan, I am praying that your missional, transition with young adults works! We must make some God-led changes in order to keep young adults connected. The Church needs them and so does the harvest! I will keep in touch in expectation of answers to prayer!

    In His service,
    Darryl Wilson

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