Politics and the Church

I have posted a couple of posts relating to politics, race, and the church lately in an attempt to just express my burden for racial reconciliation in the church. I had not blogged on these issues in a long time. It gets too emotional and it’s hard to take sides without losing friends. So, I’ve deleted my posts on politics. Not because of my positions or problems with anyone. And not because any of my friends have complained. There’s nothing to really complain about. But I sense a tension in our nation that I don’t want in my personal relationships. Let me make a few statements to clarify where I am with the election, race, and church. And then, I’m done blogging about politics.

1. I don’t think I as a pastor should do politics in the church. I’ve seen no benefit of it. It sets me up for complicated relationships with people I must love, serve, and disciple. My responsibilities do not require me to push a political agenda either way. I know many of you will not agree with my statement. I’m just speaking of myself. Other pastors can do what they want. I’m not a preaching pastor so it makes little impact on me as I don’t have a pulpit I’m responsible for. 

2. I am discouraged that the church in America is still racially divided, even though we just elected our first African-American President. Political unity does not equate to biblical unity. I do believe President Obama will be a positive for our country in many ways, especially race relationships. 

3. I have hope in God. I have little hope in politics. I know our system of government is great compared to others. BUT, I have my doubts about our process. Those doubts may have lead me to at least register as an independent. They may cause me to not vote again. I know that’s radical. But I’m personally not sure the political process allows me to be objective and focused on what God’s called me to do. 

That’s it guys. Keep making disciples. That’s our mission.

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