What the Church Should Do As Bush and Obama Transition?

We have a change in leadership again. I’ve seen it come and go now. I’ve seen Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and now Obama.

What should the church do now?

Matt. 28:19-20 is clear what side we should take on this political choice?

1. Make Disciples: Jesus’ last challenge to us had nothing to do with politics. He wants us to make disciples.

  • Personal Witnessing: Prayer is the starting point
  • Personal Witnessing: Proclamation of the gospel is the required

2. Mark Disciples: Jesus last challenge was for us to challenge people to follow Him in believers baptism. He want us to help people become authentic  followers.  

3. Mature Disciples: Jesus last challenge was for us to take new believers and help them grow.

  • Teach them scripture: give them the Word in a life changing way
  • Teach them to live scripture in their daily life.

The church was not commissioned to do politics. We were commissioned to make disciples. Which to you spend more time thinking about?

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