7 Practices of Effective Ministry

For the past 3 weeks I have led the CBC Lead Team through Andy Stanley’s 7 Practices of Effective Ministry. This book is simply awesome. Even if you don’t agree with or do the same as North Point Church, the book could help your ministry. The book is worth it just for the first chapter, “Clarify the Win.” 7-practices-of-effective-ministry2This book is worth the discussion it will bring within your team. And any team can use the book. It’s a simple book that helps teams stream line ministry. It will help you get a plan for whatever ministry  you’re in. This week we are on “Teach less for more.” If you’re interested in making disciples with intentionality, read this book.

We had a great day today in young adult Sunday School (iConnect). Our class almost doubled today. We had 39 young adults and plan to reach more. I’ve got an apprentice in place so pray for the leadership process. 70% of young adults fall out of church.

Next week, you’ll have an opportunity to serve other people. Just do it. For the sake of souls. Share Him as you serve.

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One Comment on “7 Practices of Effective Ministry”

  1. human3rror Says:

    that book is AWESOME! loved it

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