What’s Lacking in the Church?

Hey Everyone,

What’s lacking in the church? That question is loaded isn’t it? Well, what I’ve noticed is the missing link: Relationships. Significant relationships. Long term relationships.

It’s amazing how the church in the west has duped many of us. Our models are so far away from what Jesus did. How did Jesus “make disciples?”

1. He spent time with them.

2. He ate with them.

3. He traveled with them.

4. He showed them how to do ministry.

5. He taught them in a small group of 12.

6. He shared truth with them.

7. He reached out to other cultures.

8. He prayed with them.

9. He blessed them.

10. He encouraged them.

We rarely get close enough to people to do many of these. We offer multiple opportunities through programs to hit these things lightly. We must get people into long term relationships so discipleship can have depth.

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