More Questions

Old school preaching as well as the new school still uses one thing: a question. Questions make us delve deeply into the scriptures. They make us think ourselves clear.

Here are more questions that can help us as Christian leaders get to the second tear and great depth:

1. Not only do I ask “How many?” but also “where did they go?” 

2. Instead of “how many baptisms” I ask what happened to them after they were baptized? Where did they connect? After 90 days or a year, did the person connect and mature?

3. Instead of “how many joined” I ask who were they and are the connectors in place for them to clearly become disciples.

4. In addition to “why don’t you attend prayer meeting?” I also ask, “how’s your prayer life?”

5. How is your scripture intake? 

6. Where are you finding biblical community that’s transforming?

7. Instead of how did you like the message I ask how will you apply the message? 

In your ministry, and family, ask the second level questions. Be encouraged!

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