The Power of Questions

Recently I go into a discussion with a few friends over the doctrine of salvation. The trigger question was “Does a person who believes Jesus is the only way lose his or her salvation is he or she accepts the theology of a friend who believes there are many ways to God?” That bombshell turned into many other questions and statements regarding theology. It was amazing how one question launched a great theological debate and discussion. We had biblical community because of one question.

Questions have power if we are willing to ask them. They have lasting power when we have to courage answer them. We have transforming power when we answer them with a leadership team. 

Power Questions

1. What did our visitors go?

2. How many guests join and get connected? 

3. How can we do it better?

4. What are we doing good, but could do it better if we got out of the box?

5. What can make our worship service better?

6. What can make my sermons better?

7. Why don’t I lead a small group or participate in one, when I tell everyone else to go to class?

8. What impact can I make relationally on the people around me?

9. What good programs should we not do so we can do less better and make disciples?

10. What multi-media do we need to use to convey our ministry message? 

Ask the questions that will help your ministry and church. Get a group of people together and ask this: “What does it mean to WIN with visitor’s to your church?”

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