Sticky Church Conference 2008

The Sticky Church Conference is nothing short of what ministry is all about: making disciples.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Larry Osborne today. Larry is the Senior Pastor of North Coast Church in Vista, California. In one way this was a dream come true. In another way it was just a great opportunity to meet a sleeping giant in the ministry. Larry is the Patriarch of Sermon Based Small Groups. He has had 80% of his regular attenders in small groups. Here’s a sample of his talk today. It was one of the best I’ve heard on assimilating people in the church and making disciples of them.

How to Go From Leaky Church to Sticky Church?

1. Develop a Healthy Leadership Team 

2. Shepherd the People You Have Already

3. Target Believers and Be Sensitive to Seekers

4. Foster Long Term, Christ Centered Relationships (via Sermon Based Small Groups)

Lessons Learned in the Ministry Journey

1. Stickiness starts with church health

2. Stickiness has two important aspects:

  • Visitor Retention
  • Long Term Retention

3. A fancy front door can hide a leaky back door

4. Most programs and ministries and designed for casual and/or short term relationships

5. We get what we measure and celebrate: retention seldom makes the list.

6. It’s increasingly difficult to reach and keep people with a one size fits all approach to ministry.

7. Spiritual growth is seldom linear. Programs are linear and that’s why they don’t work. Sermon Based Small Groups are organic. 

8. New relationships need easy on and off ramps.

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