Vision and Strategy Challenge

Vision: a Great Commission picture of God’s future for you.

Vision is not easy. I’ve for years thought I had a handle on vision, strategy, and mission. But I have in the last few years come to realized vision is hard. It’s hard to develop a specific vision. It’s even harder to have a vision that has real substance and strategic legs. I’m convinced most church members in America don’t know what their church’s vision is and how it’s related to them.

I’ve found most churches ask “How many were here? What was the budget? Baptisms?” But there are some who are asking the questions beneath the questions: “Where did they go while they were here? Did we make disciples today or have another crowd? Did we share the gospel? Are we spending in the right areas that improve discipleship? Where does biblical community happen on our campus?” Those questions are hard to ask because of these reasons:

1. Silos: when you begin to ask strategy questions, something will be revealed. It may hurt but it will get better. Someone won’t like you asking, “What are you doing to connect people to…….” 

2. Change: asking the second and third questions will reveal not only that neglect and apathy are present. They will also reveal your culture’s real change ratio. 

3. Motive: asking the other questions involved in ministry will show motives. Some won’t like you poking in on their ministry because it’s not about other people. We often drift from people to program. My motive is to have a good program, not to reach, teach, and minister to people.

Challenge yourself! Don’t wait for someone to challenge you. If you challenge yourself, challenge won’t hurt when it comes.

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One Comment on “Vision and Strategy Challenge”

  1. Patti McTee Says:

    This is good. I love these articles. They focus on what really matters. You often write about SS, small groups, and evangelism with a clear objective…ministering to people. I think in all of these ministry opportunities people will be reached if those reaching out really care. You hit the nail on the head when you said that often apathy is revealed. That’s the source as far as I see it for the lack of passion often seem in ministry. How do we change that? I think it’s easy really. The more time I spend in prayer, the more Jesus reveals His heart to me, the more I care about the things He cares about. And that’s people. He loves them so much more than I do. I want to be like that…to love people better.

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