When Sunday School and Small Groups Collide

There comes a time when we must evaluate how we make disciples. Honestly, if I were not a pastor in a church, I would not keep my family busy with programs. Many churches have realized the programs don’t necessarily produce disciples. For example, I can bring my 7 year old to all kinds of programs, but they don’t guarantee her spiritual growth. I can help her memorize tons of scripture (which is important), but if she knows all that scripture, yet does not act right, she doesn’t really have it. Application is important too.

Sunday School is good but is often limited. Small groups are good, but may not reap the benefits of thegood of Sunday School. So, why not pair them. Why not put the best of Sunday School alongside the best of Small Groups? Last week, I made a strategic decision in the young adult class I lead. From now on, we will end the class with a 15 minute “ministry time” where we pray for one another. We will make ministry announcements with an outreach or ministry focus. All teaching is not good in Sunday School.

I think it’s possible to do Life Groups within the Sunday School model. This will enhance the best of both models. If you go to Sunday School, but after months, or even years, you…

…don’t know anyone

…never pray for one another

…never serve together

…never minister of one another

Something is wrong in your model!

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