The Purpose of Sunday School

Lately I have thought a lot about programming and disciple-making. For most or many churches, small groups or Sunday School are the place of disciple-making. More specifically, I’ve been intrigued again by the question, “What is the purpose of a Sunday School class?”

Is a Sunday School class supposed to be teaching focused or ministry focused?

What is the purpose if we went into your class or mine?

What do you find? Is Sunday School a teaching place or ministry and relationships place? What is the real deal?

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2 Comments on “The Purpose of Sunday School”

  1. Blake Says:

    I believe small groups are the essential vehicle for Spiritual formation. And that makes them essential to church unity as well ( I think the answer to your question is “yes…all of the above”. Specifically, here are five purposes of “Sunday School”: (1) invite new people, (2) teach effectively, (3) minister to each other’s needs, (4) lead each other toward Christ, and (5) involve each other in ministry to others. Pretty tall order…

  2. Blake Says:

    By the way, I wish more pastors were asking the questions you are asking!

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