The Sunday Reflection

Today, our youth pastor, Robert White preached at CBC. What a great job he did with Luke 8 and the story of Jairus daughter. I was so proud of him. He used great hermeneutical and homiletical skill. He had great sensitivity to applying the passage with precision. I see Robert as a preacher. One day, he’ll preach!

Our worship service was just excellent too. Our media team expert, Tim Meekins, provided moving video as we sang. It makes a huge difference to have multi-media and great images in worship. Stunning difference when you use the resources that are right in front of you.

Well, who your church can help you with media? It’s not that hard to do simple things. Youtube, sermonspice, and Godtube make a little media easy and quality. You don’t want to over do it. But if you’re going to reach a 21st century crowd, you will need to use their mediums at times. One of the best things I started doing in my Sunday School Class was to use powerpoint and now (since I’ve gone Mac) Keynote. A little makes a big difference.

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