The Hardest Thing in the Christian Life

I’ve been a Christian for 20 years. When I think back to the beginning, I have a hard time remembering how I learn the basics of the Christian life. Rick Warren’s Discovery 101 was not big then. I never really got into the “Survival Kit.” Do you remember that study for new Christians? If you were going to boil all the Christian life down to its most simple, most important nutrients, what would that answer be? What would you tell a new believer to do?

Would you tell the person to go to church? Well, that would be correct and good. Would you tell the person to get involved in a ministry? That would be correct and good. Would you tell the person to tithe? Witness? Where would a person learn to do those things? 

I learned to serve by watching the example of others. I learned to witness, not in the WIN soul winning workshop, but in the example of my father-in-law. He took and showed me how it was done in a living room. My wife taught me how to tithe. All of these things are important. But….

The hardest thing in the Christian life is developing and maintaining a devotional life. Walking with God in personal Bible study and prayer is the hardest thing to do. Why? Because we all get busy. Yet if I don’t spend at least some time with God in the morning of each day, my day is clearly different.

My job as a leader has many facets. I must do the things I’m required to do. The one thing I strive to do as a leader is to teach people how to walk with God. Recently, a student in my small group sent me a message in Facebook. He said, “Can you email me once a week to remind me to spend time with God?” When I read that I said, “Yes, he’s getting it.” The most important, yet most difficult is for him is to maintain his walk with God.

If I can get people to walk with God, the other things, the outward things, they will come. Ministry and missions are usually done by the people who have a walk with God in Bible study and prayer. 

What does your walk with God look like? If it’s not easy or looking as good as you want, don’t worry. The hardest thing in the Christian life is to maintain your walk with God. It’s hard to keep it up even though it seems dried up and dull. God’s saying nothing fresh. But you wait and obey in your walk. Why? You know God will show up if you wait.

Right now, I’m using “My Utmost for His Highest” in my devotions. I’m using an “Operation Andrew” prayer list. Yet it’s still hard at times. 

Where does a person learn to walk with God? Where did you learn how to do it? In a class? Or someone mentored you? What’s your opinion on this “walk with God” stuff.

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One Comment on “The Hardest Thing in the Christian Life”

  1. Patti McTee Says:

    There were many things that taught me to walk with God. Probably the most important was the fact that I was desperate for Him. I needed to know Him personally almost more than I needed air. I was so full of hurt, so afraid, and so incredible hungry for God. So I read the Bible every chance I got. I was a full-time homemaker and mommie at the time, busy, but being home gave me even more time to read. At first I had a really hard time understanding anything in the Bible. So I prayed and asked God to help me, and He did! So that became a pattern for me. Pray, read, and get to know Him in His Word.

    Then while in Alanon I noticed this woman that had lived a very similiar life to mine, but the difference was that she didn’t seem broken anymore. She’d been restored. I wanted what she had so I got the courage to ask her to disciple me. I fully expected her to say no, and was truly surprised when she joyfully said yes. She taught me right away to start my day every day by talking to God about the stuff on my heart. She taught me to pray without fancy words or pretense, but to just be real and honest about whatever I was feeling. And to read the Bible daily. And that as I read and afterwards to sit and meditate on His Word and listen for His voice.

    I became able to hear Him, sometimes His Word jumped out at me like never before penetrating me to the core. Sometimes I was flooded with inspiration that could never have come from me. And sometimes I even heard very specific direction…which still thrills like nothing else.

    Another thing I started using to help be consistent is daily devotionals and journaling. The devotionals helped keep it fresh and the journaling kept me seeking intimacy with God. Right now I’m using a book called Sparkling Gems…from the Greek by Rick Renner. It’s a 365 word study that really helps you understanding God’s Word. I just love it. Each day you learn something through the devotional section, then are led through a prayer time, then given questions to consider throughout the day. I have not been as faithful to read this everyday as I should have, but still it’s one I would highly recommend.

    And lastly, I should add that it really helps me walk that walk when I disciples others in this process. Don’t want to be preaching what you’re not practicing.

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