Promise Keepers 2008 Report

I’m about the watch the Saddleback Civil Forum with McCain and Obama, basking in the afterglow of a great day at Promise Keepers. I was surprised when the venue was changed from American Airlines Arena to Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. The DFW market is saturated with men’s ministries so I think PK has become one of many men’s opportunities. PK also has had a long run of being the leader in men’s ministry. The message of PK has remained the same by following the 7 Promises of a Promise Keeper. Although the PK event today only had 3100 men (light compared to the past), it was a classic experience. Here’s what I’ve noticed after 12 years of participating in PK events:

1. PK’s message is still a great message to men

2. PK’s promise to reach out of other ethnic groups is still present in the 7 Promises

3. PK’s commitment to modeling racial reconciliation is very present on the platform (even though the audience is mostly Anglo, it’s still more diverse than other men’s events in the church and para-church arenas)

4. PK’s shifted its approach to reach younger men (although they intentionally include each age group)

5. PK’s media and music are not only excellent, but probably still the best. They create an experience that engages men

6. PK’s commitment to men is solid. The organization could easily have folded, but PK chose to focus on smaller more strategic opportunities to connect to the local church (which they have been saying they did for years

7. Tom Forston is an excellent visionary

8. PK’s still reaching new men. Almost half the men at the event were first timers

9. There’s nothing like hearing thousands of men sing

10. There’s some things that happen at a men’s event that you just can’t do in a church

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One Comment on “Promise Keepers 2008 Report”

  1. Jeff Kisiah Says:

    Thanks for your report on PK/Dallas…

    I attended my 15th PK Conference in Atlanta several weeks ago…

    I will be glad to send you my notes if you are interested…

    Jeff Kisiah
    Associate Pastor/Men’s Ministyr Coach
    Harvest Community Church
    Charlotte, NC

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