Missions Priority–The Real Vision

I had the privilege of preaching a missions banquet tonight. FOBIZ (Friends of Baptists in Zimbabwe) used Cornerstone Baptist Church for their annual conference site. If you have not looked at a third world country’s stats and compared them to the United States, you should here. African’s have a real passion for missions even though they have no reason to help anyone else but themselves. Tonight, I stood stunned after listening to a lady say how the message “A Prescription for the Depression of Zimbabwe” touched her heart. In the message I asked the question, “Can God really send you where ever he wants?” Or do you have limits on God so your kingdom can flourish? This woman told me how my challenge to Zimbabweans to stay in the US to raise funds and spread the Gospel need for Zimbabwe convicted her. She wants to leave the US and go back home to help her country. I cried and prayed with her and was jealous of her zeal.

I preached from Prov. 29:18, “Where there is no prophetic vision, the people are unrestrained.” Why are the people unrestrained? Unkept? Ignoring? Unengaged? Running wild? (all possible translations of the Hebrew)

People have no vision that’s related to people and God. God and people! God’s plan is to redeem the souls of all nations, but we in America are consumed with everything except missions. What Christians need is a Great Commission vision that’s Acts 1:8 not just my own Jerusalem at the expense of others in Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the Earth.

What am I rambling about? The real vision of God will be found in a scriptural mission to real the world. I know the vision sticks when others can’t help but talk and live it. If not, they don’t have it. Help those around you get it. If your church has no missions talk or trips, you should light a fire. Be the spark!

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