The Real Question

The real question may be the second question.

Have you ever been in a conversation like this:

“Hey, how ya doing?”

“I’m fine. How about you?”

“It’s all good.”

But it may not be “all good” and “fine.” It may be something else.

The real question may not be “are you coming to this event?” The real question by be “are you doing this? How are you doing spiritually?”

The real question may need to be not, “How are you?” It may need to also be “How’s your spiritual life? Are you reading the word and praying? Are you walking with God? What’s really happening with you?”

The most needed question may be the one after the first one. Invest in someone today by asking the other questions that encourage an atmosphere of transformation.

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One Comment on “The Real Question”

  1. Patti McTee Says:

    We all need people in our lives that will hold us accountable and help us grow, someone that’s not impressed with us, but loves us…like a “Barnabus”. Those are the people we answer honestly when asked “How are you?” People that don’t have others they can really talk to need to find some. Those are the people that invest in our life, who care about our spiritual growth, and who expect the same from us. My favorite part of this kind of relationship is when there is a deep spiritual connection. The Christ in me has fellowship with the Christ in a friend. I’m not talking about two Gods, but a communion with the same Spirit that dwells in us both. It’s real, and it’s sweet…and it glorifies God. 🙂 Oh, and Alan, you have always been that kind of friend to me, which is why you are such a blessing in my life.

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