Where Did They Go?

A few years ago a lady at church said to me, “Pastor Alan, I have a burden for new members. What happens to them after they join?” Tomorrow we will pursue her question. I am retreating for a few hours with our membership connection team to to strategize and analyze what we are doing and what we can do better. Right now, here’s what our membership flow looks like:

After they join…

…they receive a letter from the Senior Pastor called the “Next Step” Letter

…they receive a phone call on Tuesday from the Executive Pastor

…they receive a phone call just before the Membership Connection

If the don’t come to the class….

…they receive an “Opps Letter” from the Senior Pastor

…they receive a phone call from the Executive Pastor just before the Membership Connection

If they don’t come to the next class…

…they receive a “It’s on You Letter” from the Senior Pastor.

This works on a 60 day model for assimilation. If people don’t get to the class within 60 days, they probably won’t ever attend. If your membership class is required, then they are not members.

How does your church follow up on New Members? What do you do with them after they join?

Every church faces an open back door. Even strong churches have this challenge. Our need is to harness people into a system and culture that helps them enter the transformation zone. The surface question, I have learned, is “how many joined.” The deeper question is “where are those who joined?”

Join me in helping people get connected to the church so they cannot fall out.

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