Visionary Church–Flamingo Road Church

Vision419 wants to spotlight a church on the cutting edge. It’s stunning what Flamingo Road Church is doing in South Florida and the world. You must check them out. They are very different from your traditionally structured church. This past weekend I watched a big name Pastor on tv before I went to church. This Pastor is a great expositor of the word. But as I looked at him, a couple of things caught my attention: His dress and His style of delivery. He wore a suit. I wear a suit on Sunday and have no problem with it. But I wonder what a suit says about me to emerging generations? His expository style is also what concerned me. I’m for the exposition. It was his style that was the problem. His delivery was very didactic mixed with a one sided, no interaction even assumed style. Again, I wonder what younger, emerging generations think of that? I’m not sure.

Pastor Troy Gramling at Flamingo Road Church looks different. You can tell he has been influenced by Pastor Ed Young, which is not bad. Surf this church’s site for a few minutes. Watch one of Troy’s messages. It’s awesome what they are doing. What’s best for me, is they have a campus in Lima, Peru.

Not every church needs to be Flamingo Road Church. But some of the more traditionally structured churches have to begin to see reaching younger, emerging people will require a change in form, not content.

What could your church learn from Flamingo Road Church? What would you be willing to give up to reach younger people so there will be a legacy in the future? I’m trying to rethink some of my tradition. Join me!

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One Comment on “Visionary Church–Flamingo Road Church”

  1. michelle Says:

    The problem is Troy did change the content. The Body that belonged to the church for years ,through which much of this amazing growth blossomed, is gone. He took Ed Young’s advice and hand-picked a crew and then paid them enough money to stay loyal. Now everyone desires to be rich and famous at church. There is no accountability. The world is very enticing. Troy is a well dressed celeb.

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