7 Core Values for Staff, Leaders, Ministers, and Disciples

The week is here. I’m off on Mondays, but I’m all about “getter done” today. I have to pay bills, paint, take my girl swimming, and do doctoral work. I’m already thinking about the membership class follow up from this past weekend and how to reshape the connection. I’m already thinking about the volunteer retreat this weekend at the ball park for my membership team. How will I get it all done? I’ve carved out 7 Core Values for staff and others to use to help us ensure we are doing kingdom stuff.

1. Value Excellence (over average)

Often I find in churches we don’t really pursue excellence. We get comfortable with average. Average produces, so we tend to not look for things to be done with excellence. What can you look at and say, “I need to up my game so this will move from average to excellence.”

2. Value Community (over isolation)

Churches are packed with people who are allowed to be isolated. There’s no requirement for fellowship and relationship building. People come in, listen, and leave. And as long as attendance is up and the offering is adequate, “It’s all good.” But people are unconnected and unaccountable. We must value small groups as the place of mentoring, ministry, and missions.

3. Value Time Impact (over time abuse)

Does time make a difference in peoples’ lives? I think so. Time is like money. I’ve heard and watched so many churches pay attention to streamlining strategically so they maximize time. Time either works for you or against you. Don’t start something late when people are present, but you’re waiting for others to show. People don’t appreciate their time being abused.

4. Value Discipleship (over programs & events)

Churches now are finding they have too many programs doing good things for a few people, but not impacting the lost, unchurched, or other 80% of the people in their churches. Programs are easier to use as a net to try to disciple people. But I’ve found they are limited. Events are needed as motivators in our lives, but I have found they may not increase attendance or offerings or spiritual decisions. Look for the “disciple points” in your programs and events. If not there, you may want to look at what your doing and balance it.

5. Value Family (over busy-ness)

Churches often keep families busy, but leave them no margin to interact with and reach their community. Churches program for the 20% who already come to worship on Sunday. We need to shift and focus on the basics with the 80% who are not coming to anything extras. Do it all on Sunday!

6. Value Integrity (over compromise)

Staff and leaders must be people who are known are trustworthy. Leaders should be allowed to make mistakes, but must be people of integrity so leadership and discipleship can happen. Our culture doesn’t need any more leaders to fall in sin and failure.

7. Value Diversity (over homogeneity)

Churches need to be more intentional about color, creed, and class. We need to put down our earthly culture and replace it with a kingdom culture. Churches need to stop focusing on peripheral theology. People don’t care if it doesn’t impact their lives. And we need to be intentional in the poor communities.

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