Honoring A Living Legend

Today, I had the privilege of watching one of my professors receive the EK Bailey “Living Legend Award” for his contributions and impact on expository preaching. Dr. Haddon Robinson is my preaching professor and mentor for my doctoral thesis-project. I’ve had the privilege of studying preaching with the sharpest preaching mind of the 21st century. Haddon Robinson was the first Anglo to receive the Living Legend award. It was such a blessing to see Haddon receive and the EK Bailey Ministries give to him. It was a sign of hope racially, in a world that’s showing no signs of hope. Above: Bonnie, Haddon, Torrey Robinson, and Your’s Truly

Last night Haddon preached at Concord Baptist Church in Dallas. It was incredible to watch him preach from Luke 12:16-ff. His BIG IDEA was “Don’t waste your life trying to get more of what you have enough of already.” Haddon surely spoke for 50 minutes and kept the attention of the crowd without any extras. Even today, as Dr. Tony Evans preached Acts 13:36 so well, I couldn’t help but see the uniqueness of Haddon Robinson. No one does it like Haddon. He forms sermons in ways that even the greats do not. When a preacher can stand toe to toe with Tony Evans, well, that speaks for itself. Haddon Robinson is truly a Living Legend.

I’ll mail off my second chapter to my doctoral project tomorrow. It’s my revised edition after Haddon nuked it, but I’m better for it. Thanks for investing in thousands of preachers Dr. Haddon Robinson. We are truly grateful.

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2 Comments on “Honoring A Living Legend”

  1. Haddin Robinson was your professor? How fortunate are you? I have listened to or read his teachings for years.

  2. Sorry, that should read Haddon Robinson.

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